my eyes want to be closed

I am so tired I hardly know what to write. My eyes just want to close and stare at the lovely black silence of the inside of my eyelids.

But I must write… seriously…

I feel as tho if I am serious about this… as serious as I claim to myself to be… that I need to be willing to write when I would rather sleep. OK with willing my brain into order when it selfishly wants to close up shop for the day/morning/night/arfternoon…. WHENEVER.

So here I am writing.

about nothing much really. except the fact that I need to write. Everyday. write. everyday.

on a more non boring note… hang on… lost it…

oh well…

we got home really late tonight from ‘Team Building Night’ at Church. Was an awesome night!!! 🙂 so happy to be where I am with Church and God. Its crazy days… but I feel as tho for the first time in YEARS I am allowed to move forward. Crazy beautiful feeling.

Anyway, we got home so so late but as we had run out of bread that morning, I am now listening to my bread maker knead some sour dough… and I will be listening to this for the next 3 hours. After which I will get up and pull the bread out of the bread maker so that it doesn’t go soggy. Thats how committed I am to my bread maker and fresh bread.


Go to sleep Lizzy – I got home, I wrote, I conquered.

good night.



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