What is one to do…

Defining moments in life almost always take us by surprise. They don’t come wrapped in the glitz and  glamour of a History Making moment, or with a Personal assistant armed with a run sheet, an outfit glorifying the positive aspects of our figure, the paparazzi lined up ready and waiting to snap that perfect moment, that one phrase, the heroic action that takes one from ‘on the journey’ to destiny fulfilled.

nope… its not like that at all.

Defining moments are often the hard, confusing, foggy, lonely, hard working times… times that we can either embrace or let pass us by.

You’ve heard that oppoturnity often comes dressed up as hard work. I would take that one step further.

Opportunity often has the coat of failure on, the shoes of humility laced and pants with deep deep deep empty pockets strapped firmly to our waist with the belt of constriction.

I think thats why opportunity seems to fall only on the golden. I did say Seems… I think its knocks on everyones door, but we often misunderstand the moment to the point of shrinking back and allowing our circumstances to push us into a hole rather than driving us through and forward… overcoming and reaching out.

Now, I am not immune here… not at all, not one bit.

I think I’m actually in the middle of finding myself calling opportunity failure and misfortune. Desperately wondering if its too late to turn it all around. Faith and Grace are whispering urgently that its never too late. I just hope they transcend mens plans and ideas. Actually, I have to believe that they hold supernatural authority over what man can do. AND what I do to myself. Self destruction is a silent and unseen epidemic so many suffer from.

My hands are tempted to rest in those deep deep deep empty pockets. To lay there poor and defeated. The challenge is to open those pockets and let them be filled with faith and grace – opportunity in its embryonic stage. Let the constriction squeeze out offence and bitterness, detoxing my soul – then Feed and nurture it with whatever it is I find in the place of humility, and then let failure shield me from arrogance and self importance until I walk into the sunlight of contrite success once more.

Thankfulness can seem like an alien emotion in these seasons, but really this is the very place thankfulness belongs. So let it live freely in the season of lack, of despair and heartache. It will surely lead us into the very presence of one much stronger then we could ever be on our own.

And then… what is one to do from here…

Firstly I know that if glitz and glamour, PA’s and paparazzi ever come my way, they won’t define my moment… it will be because I defined the challenging, failure riddled, opportunity beckoning moments in the unseen and what happens from there is far more valuable than glory, success or fame can ever be.

Whats one to do?

Keep on walking

Keep on believing

Keep on seeing through the bottomless eyes of Faith and Grace…



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1 Response to What is one to do…

  1. Beci Wakerley says:

    Beautiful Honest & Wise your writing is amazing – thank u

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